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Finding licensed therapists in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: Search Tips

Do you want to find a licensed therapist in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma? The decision to reach out for help is not easy and you should be commended for that. Searching for a qualified therapist in or around Oklahoma City, Oklahoma couldn't be easier. We have assembled a database of licensed mental health professionals ready to help. Our directory contains detailed listings of marriage and family therapists, mental health counselors, psychologists, licensed professional counselors, psychiatrists, and psychiatric nurses. These professionals specialize in helping people overcome anxiety, depression, addictions, child and adolescent problems, couple and marital problems, anorexia, attention deficit disorder, bipolar disorder, among many others.

Mental health professionals who can help you in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

A Chance to Change 5228 Classen Circle Oklahoma_City, OK 73118
Aimee Benton 5530 N. Western Ave. Oklahoma_City, OK 73118
Angie Ridings 301 NW 63rd St. Oklahoma_City, OK 73116
Cindy Barnhill 301 NW 63rd Street Oklahoma_City, OK 73116
Cynthia Sherbon 717 N.W. 56th Street Oklahoma_City, OK 73118
Dr. Dan E Jones 222 N.W. 13th Street Oklahoma_City, OK 73103
Dr. Dawn Singleton 5005 N. Pennsylvania Oklahoma_City, OK 73112
Dr. Linda J Neal 6119 N Drexel Blvd Oklahoma_City, OK 73112
Dr. Marci Leveridge 3441 W Memorial Road Oklahoma_City, OK 73134
Dr. Mario D Kirk 5909 NW Expressway Oklahoma_City, OK 73132
Dr. Mark D Heaney 1111 North Lee Oklahoma_City, OK 73103
Dr. Philip Carlton Hyde 1117 NW 50th Street Oklahoma_City, OK 73118
Dr. Stan Gassaway Northwest Expressway and Council Road Oklahoma_City, OK 73162
Dr. Vicki Harris Wyatt 501 North Walker Avenue Oklahoma_City, OK 73102
Dr. Wendy Fine-Thomas 13917 Quail Pointe Drive Oklahoma_City, OK 73134
Elizabeth Samara 2932 NW 122nd Street Oklahoma_City, OK 73120
Jeff Fine-Thomas 13917 Quail Pointe Drive Oklahoma_City, OK 73134
Jill Butler 10317 Greenbriar Pl. Oklahoma_City, OK 73159
Joshua Farmer 4200 W. Memorial Rd Oklahoma_City, OK 73120
Joshua Nichols 2932 North West 122nd Street Oklahoma_City, OK 73120
Lynn Sims 4323 NW 63rd Street Oklahoma_City, OK 73116
Mary L. Sharp, LCSW 3000 United Founders Blvd. Oklahoma_City, OK 73112
Mr. Chad McKnight 4200 Perimeter Center Oklahoma_City, OK 73112
Mr. Jeff Moody 6403 NW Grand Blvd Oklahoma_City, OK 73116
Mr. Rick J Krause 4435 N.W. 36 th. Street Oklahoma_City, OK 73112
Mrs. Annaleise Mitchell 2932 NW 122nd Street Oklahoma_City, OK 73120
Mrs. Jennifer L Paterson 2932 NW 122nd Street Oklahoma_City, OK 73120
Mrs. Jennifer Rankin Mercy Tower Suite 503 Oklahoma_City, OK 73120
Mrs. Tommye Sims 4323 NW 63rd Street Oklahoma_City, OK 73116
Mrs. Vicki Reynolds 3240 W. Britton Rd., Suite 102 Oklahoma_City, OK 73120
Ms. Beverly Rapp 6051 N Brookline Ave Oklahoma_City, OK 73112
Ms. Cheryl Witty 4334 NW Expressway Street Oklahoma_City, OK 73116
Ms. Jamie Leal 10001 S Pennsylvania Ave Oklahoma_City, OK 73159
Ms. Jeanette Smith 433 Wilshire Blvd Oklahoma_City, OK 73116
Ms. Marian Stephenson 2828 NW 57th Street Oklahoma_City, OK 73112
Ms. Michelle McConnell 2932 NW 122nd St Oklahoma_City, OK 73120
Ms. Nancy Hardman 3035 NW 63rd Street Oklahoma_City, OK 73116
Ms. Pamela Pettigrew 10601 S.Western Oklahoma_City, OK 73170
Ms. Shanna J Chechovsky-Lawson Lcsw 1111 N. Lee, Suite 105 Oklahoma_City, OK 73112
Ms. Shelley L Madden 2216 Shadowlake Drive Oklahoma_City, OK 73159
Rev. Linda Chapman 6051 N. Brookline Ave. Oklahoma_City, OK 73112
Shanna Chechovsky Lawson 2212 NW 50th Street Oklahoma_City, OK 73112
Traci A. Hill 3140 W. Britton Rd Oklahoma_City, OK 73120

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A word about different license types

All therapists listed on who are located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma have their licenses' verified each year. As you can see, there are several different state licenses including marriage and family therapist, licensed professional counselor, mental health counselor, clinical social worker, psychologist, psychiatrist, and psychiatric nurse. Though the training for each of these licenses is very different, finding the right professional for you is a combination of matching professional specialties along with a good personal fit.

Therapist qualities

A caring and competent licensed therapist should be comfortable answering your questions about therapy. Additionally, competency involves far more than listening to clients talk. During an interview, an experienced practitioner will convey warmth, genuineness, and respect for you and your concerns. He or she should be interested in your thoughts and may ask you to elaborate on certain things.

After the interview, ask yourself if you received specific insightful feedback. A good therapist should display a mutual trust, finding a balance between honoring your beliefs as well as not being afraid to confront or challenge your beliefs where appropriate.

The right therapist will make you feel at ease and confident in them as both a person and a psychotherapist. Human wisdom and personal insight are just as important as understanding technique and theory. Ideally, you'll feel inspired and hopeful about your work together after the interview. In addition, trust your initial instincts when it comes to continuing therapy. How long you stay with a particular therapist should be a collaborative process with you having as much voice as the therapist.

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